1. Who can become a Myeloma Coach?

Anyone who is willing to volunteer their time and commit to one year of coaching.  Individuals must be willing to volunteer for 8 hours a month for at least a   year, and complete required and ongoing training.


2.  How will I know what to do as a coach?

All coaches are provided with initial and ongoing training. Training will provide you with the skills, materials and resources to share with the myeloma patients you meet.


3.  What will my schedule be as a coach?

You can create and submit your weekly availability on our website.  This can be changed at any time as your schedule changes.  You can complete your coaching when/how works best for you and your patients: in person, by phone, email or video chat.


4. What if a patient has needs or a question I don’t know the answer to?

There are a variety of resources in the knowledge base on our website www.myelomacoach.org or you can always email us at: myelomacoach@crowdcare.org


5.  Why should I sign up to work with a Myeloma Coach?  

Information and education are key to successfully treating myeloma.  Myeloma Coaches have access to key resources that can help you successfully navigate your treatment.  A coach will provide not only education, but encouragement, support and to know that you are not alone.


6.  How long do I have to work with my myeloma coach?

There is no time commitment.  Coaches are available to provide support and education as you need it.  Once you feel that you no longer need coaching services you can discontinue.


7.  What if the coach I connect with is not a good fit for me?

You can discontinue or end coaching services at any time, and search for a new coach that is a better fit for you.